TrustBix Inc. Expands Its BIX Platform into Biomass and Waste Diversion with All West Demolition Ltd. and Innovation Reduction Strategies Inc.

Edmonton, Alberta–(Newsfile Corp. – February 16, 2021) – TrustBIX Inc. (TSXV: TBIX) (TrustBIX) is very pleased to announce that it has entered into a $300,000 contract with All West Demolition Ltd. (“AWD“), one of Edmonton’s largest regional demolition companies, and Innovation Reduction Strategies Inc. (“IRSI“), an early innovator in biomass to biochar production. TrustBIX will enhance and apply its BIX platform in a commercial pilot program to track biomass and waste streams to divert material from landfills and create new products for agricultural and industrial markets.

AWD is a forward-thinking company that is focused on converting wastes to new valuable products by sorting and pre-processing customer waste materials for the purpose of allowing others like IRSI to produce value-added products such as biochar.

BIX will be used to track the waste inputs. Tracking the source, characteristics and use of various waste streams supports biochar product quality and characteristics, production practices, suitability for specific applications and pricing in various markets. Further, tracking these resources is important to measure the amount of material diverted from landfills, and to quantify the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that result from the production of new products that can be created from these resources.

“We want to be the most environmentally conscious demolition company in the world, and revolutionize demolition and waste-management practices by diverting all waste materials toward useful applications,” says Chris Landry, General Manager, AWD.

“We are proud to be converting 75 precent of All West Demolition’s wood waste into valuable biochar and other bio-products to improve soil health and to be sold into other applications for green houses, activated carbon markets and other materials,” adds Chris Olson, President, IRSI.

TrustBIX’s BIX platform is now used to track livestock in the Canadian agri-food market for global brands interested in sourcing sustainable beef. BIX allows buyers and sellers to share information about their organizations, products, special attributes and certifications with others in the value chain.

“Today’s exciting announcement represents an important expansion of TrustBIX’s business and our platform’s capabilities, moving us into new bio-industrial markets linked to agriculture where we can reward sustainable behaviour,” says TrustBIX’s CEO, Hubert Lau. “This project will further demonstrate that BIX is scalable and provides a solid foundation to expand into new markets and industries.”

The commercial pilot project will continue through to February 1st, 2022.


AWD and IRSI are founders of the All West Bio-Industrial Park (“AWBIP”), a consortium with facilities and headquarters at AWD’s work site in Edmonton.

Provincial corporation Alberta Innovates has invested $5 million into the creation of the AWBIP, to support the development of a bio-industrial accelerator hub in the Edmonton region and a unique field demonstration site. The funds contributed by Alberta Innovates have been matched by the consortium of companies in volved in the AWBIP.

About the partners

All West Demolition Ltd. (AWD)

AWD is experienced in all aspects of demolition including complete building implosions, building demolition, bridge demolition, plant demolition, high-risk demolition, hazard assessments, and complete hazardous material abatement. Past projects have ranged from small to multi-million-dollar demolitions. Major projects in Edmonton include the dismantling and removal of the old Walterdale Bridge and the BMO building demolition. AWD is an environmentally conscientious company that currently recycles all salvageable waste streams, which reduces the volume of waste they landfill. Furthermore, AWD is keen to work with industry partners to develop new, innovative solutions to further minimize landfill deposits. AWD has been operating in Edmonton since 2009, is a privately held company and currently employs 40+ full-time staff.

Innovative Reduction Strategies Inc. (IRSI)

IRSI’s mission is to reduce residual bio-mass waste and produce high quality biochar through the scalable application of thermal treatment technologies. IRSI was incorporated in 2014 with the express goal of utilizing pyrolysis technology to reduce residual waste streams in an economically viable way. IRSI is positioned to become one of the largest producers of biochar in North America with the next iteration of their technology. IRSI has identified a value chain utilizing clean wood from the waste management sector as well as forestry and lumber industry residuals to produce high quality biochar, syngas, and usable thermal energy as a viable commercialization pathway.


As an innovative leader, TrustBIX provides agri-food traceability. By addressing consumer and agri-food business demands, the Company has a goal to become the most trusted and largest source of third-party food traceability and sustainability information globally – Gate to Plate®. TrustBIX Inc.’s focus is to create a world where we trust more, waste less and reward sustainable behaviour. The Company’s proprietary platform, BIX (Business infoXchange System), is designed to create trust without compromising privacy through innovative use of data and technology. Extensive R&D has allowed TrustBIX to create a new blockchain-derived technology to complement its mature and proven traceability systems. By leveraging BIX and its unique use of incentive solutions, the Company can deliver independent validation of food provenance and sustainable production practices within the supply chain. ViewTrak Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, provides a suite of hardware and software solutions to the livestock industry in Canada, United States, Mexico and China, such as Auction Master Pro, Market Master, Feedlot Solutions and pork grading probes. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook at, or LinkedIn:

About Alberta Innovates:

Alberta Innovates invests in research, innovation and entrepreneurship to drive provincial economic growth and diversity. We provide technical expertise, entrepreneurial advice and support, opportunities for partnerships and funding to advance the best ideas. We support a broad range of research and innovation activity – from discovery to use. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, bringing together bright minds and great ideas


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